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What happens next?
May 25, 2022

Please note: Only eligible candidates who are also qualified will be contacted for testing and interview.  

Pre-Interview Tests and Job Interview Process 

In most cases you will be sent an invitation and asked to come in for a pre-interview test. The location will be named in the invitation. After arrival you will undergo mandatory language tests and if requested by the hiring section, a section specific test. The hiring office will determine the pass rate of the section specific exercise/test. You will be required to attend the test in person. You will be informed if you have passed the test and when the hiring section wishes to interview you and where. Interviews are normally conducted in-person at the location of the job being advertised or via telephone/Zoom. 

Please note that travel to and from the locations will not be reimbursed.

During the interview, a hiring panel will determine whether you are the best person for the job, basing their questions on the duties and requirements of the advertised position. The panel is comprised of the chief of the hiring office, a subject matter expert from the hiring office, an HR representative, and if there are preference candidates (i.e. U.S. citizen Eligible Family Members (USEFM’s)), CLO and a Post Employment Committee (PEC) representative. 


Pre-Employment Clearances 

If you have been chosen for the position you will be informed by the HR Recruitment Team and sent a Conditional Offer and additional documentation. The Conditional Offer outlines the prerequisite conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to start work with the U.S. Mission Korea.  Please note that the pre-employment clearance checks can take some time. 

Please note that if you have traveled extensively, lived in many places, held many jobs, verifying the information you have provided on your security form will take longer, therefore your security certification to work at the Embassy will potentially take longer to issue. 

Similarly, if medical issues arise, which can be treated within a reasonable amount of time, this may delay your medical clearance being issued. 

You will need to be certified by both our security and medical departments before you can begin work with the Embassy, therefore we strongly advise not handing in your notice to your current employer before you have received full clearances. Should you not receive the appropriate security or medical clearances, we cannot hire you for the position you applied for.