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Important Visa Information

Since COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, we are back in business worldwide.  The U.S. Embassy in Seoul has resumed routine immigrant and nonimmigrant visa services for all visa categories and have been successful in lowering visa interview wait times, following closures during the pandemic.

During the pandemic, the Department of State coordinated with the Department of Homeland Security to waive in-person interviews for several key visa categories, including for many students and temporary workers.  In Seoul, B1/B2, C1/D, F, M, J and CW visa holders may, under some circumstances, renew their visas without appearing at the U.S. Embassy for an interview.  Also, effective until Dec 31, 2023, first time applicant for F, M, academic J, H1B, H4, Individual petition-based L, and P visas may, under some circumstances, apply their visas without appearing at the U.S. Embassy for an interview.  For more information on qualifications and requirements for the interview waiver, please visit here.

Our goal is to provide a visa interview for every applicant who requires one in a reasonable timeframe.  If you have an urgent matter and need to travel immediately, please follow the guidance provided online here to request an emergency nonimmigrant visa interview appointment.

Payment Methods & Details

Immigrant Visas:

Applicants who have paid their immigrant visa fee to NVC are not required to pay additional fees unless the applicant has paid only a partial amount to NVC.  Anyone subject to a balance of IV fees will be informed during his or her visa interview.

For fiancé/e (K1/K2) visa applicants, please follow the payment instructions for the appropriate visa fee.  Applicants must make a successful payment before they are permitted to schedule their interview appointment.

Nonimmigrant Visas: 

Please follow the payment instructions for the appropriate visa fee.  Applicants must make a successful payment before they are permitted to schedule their interview appointment.

For some nationalities and visa types, an additional issuance fee may be required. Detailed information is available on your country of nationality’s Reciprocity Table. These additional fees will be paid at the time of your interview.


Immigrant Visas: 

All immigrant visa applicants are seen by appointment only. 

Cases processed through NVC:

If the petition is filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in the United States, the case is processed through the National Visa Center (NVC).  After you have completed the steps on the Immigrant Visa Process on the U.S. Department of State website, including paying the necessary fees and submitting the required immigrant visa application form (DS-260), Affidavit of Support, and supporting documents to the NVC, they will review your file for completeness.  Once your case becomes qualified for an interview, NVC will work with the Immigrant Visa Unit in Seoul to schedule an interview appointment for you.  You can learn more about the interview process on the U.S. Department of State website.  

If you failed to attend your interview scheduled by NVC, you may schedule your interview online by clicking here.  

Cases not processed through NVC:

All IV appointments for immediate relative (IR/CR/IB/IW), returning resident (SB1), and fiancé/e (K) visas which were not scheduled by NVC must be scheduled online by clicking here.   You will see an onscreen calendar showing the available appointment dates at the time you schedule your appointment.  Please schedule your interview date by selecting your appointment date.

If you are a Family (F) and Employment (E) preference visa applicants, your appointment request must be made online by clicking here.  Within 10 weeks after you submit your visa appointment request (VR), you will be notified if you are eligible to schedule an interview appointment.  After being notified, you can schedule your appointment online by clicking here.

All requests for USCIS related inquiries please contact the Visa Information Services by clicking here.


Nonimmigrant Visas: 

To schedule a nonimmigrant visa appointment, you must have the following information and documents available.  

  • A passport valid for travel to the United States with a validity date at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States unless (country-specific agreements provide exemptions). The country-specific agreement with South Korea does provide an exemption. 
  • The “Unique Beneficiary Account Number” that you use to make EFT payment or the “Transaction Reference Number” appearing on your Citibank receipt (click here if you need help finding either of these numbers.)
  • Your DS-160 confirmation page and application ID (sample)
  • Your e-mail address
  • If applicable, required documents based on visa class (such as a petition approval for petition-based visas; more information about visa types and required documents can be found here)




Street Address: 188 Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03141, Korea

Public Transportation:
The U.S. Embassy is located near Gwanghwamun Station, subway line 5 (purple), exit 2. From exit 2 of Gwanghwamun Station, walk straight less than 100 meters and you will see the U.S. Embassy on the right side. The U.S. Embassy is across the street from the Sejong Cultural Center and next to the Ministry of Information and Communication/KT Building. (Click here for MAP)

Multiple bus lines stop at both the Sejong Cultural Center directly across the street from the U.S. Embassy, and at the KT Building next to the U.S. Embassy. Please use the side entrance of the Embassy for visa interviews.

Please be aware that we DO NOT have a parking lot available for the public. Public parking facilities in the neighborhood surrounding the U.S. Embassy are very limited. We strongly recommend traveling to and from the U.S. Embassy by public transportation.

What to bring: ONE PHONE, ONE KEY

Applicants visiting the Embassy will be allowed to check in one cell phone and one set of electronic car keys before entering the building. No other devices will be permitted, and the Embassy has no capacity to store them.  Please leave these items at home or make arrangements for their storage before arriving for your appointment.  For more information, please click here.

Reasonable Accommodation

If you need reasonable accommodation for your appointment, we encourage you to request your accommodation immediately once you schedule your appointment.  Reasonable accommodations may vary, depending on the situation and the visa applicant’s needs.  Please visit here for full information on how to contact the Visa Unit.

Note: The waiting room of the Consular Section and its restroom is wheelchair-accessible.