PyeongChang Olympics & Paralympics 2018

If you are a U.S. citizen traveling to Korea during the Olympics and Paralympics, the dedicated pages on our website may be of interest in planning your stay and during your visit.

What to expect from your Embassy or Consulate
We provide a variety of emergency and non-emergency services for U.S. citizens in Korea.

Please refer to our page for detailed information.

Please refer to our Medical Assistance page for detailed information.

The provisions of the Privacy Act are designed to protect the privacy and rights of U.S. citizens, but occasionally they complicate our efforts to assist citizens abroad.  As a rule, consular officers may not reveal information regarding an individual U.S. citizen’s location, welfare, intentions, or problems to anyone, including family members and Congressional representatives, without the express consent of that individual.  Although sympathetic to the distress this can cause concerned families, consular officers must comply with the provisions of the Privacy Act.

Please refer to our passport page for detailed information.