09/14/16 – Statement by Secretary Kerry: The Republic of Korea’s Chuseok Holiday

secretary kerry

Press Statement
John Kerry
Secretary of State
The Republic of Korea’s Chuseok Holiday
September 14, 2016

On behalf of President Obama and the American people, I extend my warmest wishes to the Korean people during the Chuseok holiday this September 15.

Like Thanksgiving in the U.S., the Chuseok holiday follows a rich tradition of friends and family gathering in observance of the harvest season.  Whether you are celebrating here or abroad, this is an occasion to enjoy time-honored food and customs, pay homage to a vibrant cultural heritage, and recount the many blessings we are each fortunate to share.

These traditions compel us to reflect on not only past accomplishments, but also future possibilities.  We are reminded that the strength of our alliance is emboldened by a common vision of global peace and prosperity.

To all Koreans and their families, I wish you the best on this Chuseok holiday.