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Appointment System for American Citizen Services
November 16, 2022

We are accepting DS-82 U.S. Passport Renewal Applications and DS-5504 applications via courier service ONLY. (The DS-5504 is used to make a correction, register a name change within one year of passport issuance, or exchange a limited passport.)


ACS Hours of Operation (appointment only): Passport, Consular Report of Birth Abroad and Notary Services
8:30 – 11:00 am, Monday through Friday
12:30 – 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday (except Mondays and Wednesdays)

If you schedule multiple appointments on different days, your duplicate appointments may be cancelled. An appointment is required for each applicant.

  • A reminder email of your appointment date will be sent to you prior to your appointment. When you make an appointment, please keep record of date & time of your appointment.
  • When making an appointment for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA), please tell us the names of both parents so that the guards will let you enter. Please put parent A’s full name under “child surname” and parent B’s full name under “child’s first name.”
  • Your passport appointment password is not retrievable.  Remember to write/copy your password from the “Appointment Details” screen in case you need to change or cancel your appointment.  Please be aware that we are unable to retrieve your password for you.
  • Do not include any special characters in input field.

Enter through the Embassy’s side entrance. Please be aware that we DO NOT have a parking lot available for the public. Public parking facilities in the neighborhood surrounding the U.S. Embassy are generally not available. We strongly recommend traveling to and from the U.S. Embassy by public transportation.

American Citizen Services is closed to the public on both U.S. and Korean holidays.


Applicants visiting the Embassy will be allowed to check in only one cell phone and one set of electronic car keys before entering the building. No other devices will be permitted, and the Embassy has no capacity to store them. Please leave these items at home or make arrangements for their storage before arriving for your appointment.  You will only be allowed to enter the U.S. Embassy 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.  Upon arrival in the ACS waiting room, applicants will need to take a number ticket and wait for their number to be called.