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October 16, 2023

Applying for an Emergency Passport

NOTE: An emergency passport is limited to one year or less and does not have an embedded electronic chip. Some countries may not accept an emergency passport, therefore you may be refused entry by immigration officials or denied airplane boarding by airline personnel. We strongly recommend that you visit the Department of State website to research the entry and exit requirements of your destination before you travel with an emergency passport.

Once you confirm that an emergency passport is acceptable for entry and exit of the country you will visit, you may request an emergency (limited validity) passport. Normally, emergency passports can be printed on the same day.

Please schedule an appointment and appear in person to explain your urgent need for travel.

If you need to travel within 5 working days but there are no appointments available, please send the following information to
support-acs-southkorea@usvisascheduling.com and write “Emergency Passport Request” in the subject line of your email.

  1. Flight itinerary (attach as a PDF, JPEG, or PNG file)
  2. Name on the current US passport
  3. Accompanying parents’ full names WHEN an applicant is a minor
  4. Date of birth
  5. Current U.S. passport (attach as a PDF, JPEG or PNG file) if applicable
  6. Local Phone number
  7. Three preferred appointment dates within 5 working days before your travel date (@9:00am):
  8. Reason for an emergency passport

We will try to accommodate your requested dates, however given the number of requests we receive, we appreciate your flexibility if we are unable.

Required Documents 

The documents and fee necessary to apply for an emergency passport are the same as those for a regular passport.  Please select appropriate category below for required documents:

Replacing an Emergency Passport

If you’ve received an emergency limited passport and wish to apply for a replacement passport please follow the instructions below.

1) If it was issued less than one year ago and received a letter with replacement instructions during the time of issuance, you can submit your application with the following materials via courier service.

Required Documents 
  • Completed and signed DS-5504 (for minor applicant, one of the parents may sign a DS-5504): Complete FORM DS-5504 online, and print it out single-sided, on two sheets of paper You must provide a Social Security number, if you have been issued one.
  • One passport photograph (Sized 2″ X 2″ (or 5 cm X 5 cm) with a white background taken within the last six months/no eye glasses/no uniforms/no digital manipulation or retouching. Face coverings (i.e. bandages, masks) that block portions of the face are not allowed.  We need to see your full face to establish your identity. Please see the travel.state.gov passport photo webpage for more information. )
  • Your emergency limited passport
  • If applicable, the letter with replacement instructions which includes fee waiver information

If you have never been assigned a SSN, please complete a No SSN statement. Please submit the completed, signed and dated statement along with your application package. (Minor applicant (under 16 years old)-PDF1.7MB or Adult applicant (over 16 years old)-PDF1.7MB)  Electronic/digital signatures are NOT valid.

2) If you do not fall under the above category and did not receive the letter from us, you will need to appear in person at the Embassy to submit your application.  For minor applicants, please click here for required documentsFor adult applicants, please click here for required documents.