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PD-SEOUL-FY23-06: Women's Empowerment in Security
June 21, 2023

Funding Opportunity Title:                Women’s Empowerment in Security
Funding Opportunity Number:         PD-SEOUL-FY23-06
Deadline for Applications:                  July 20, 2023, 11:59 p.m. GMT+9
CFDA Number:                                      19.040
Total Amount Available:                     $70,000  

This notice is subject to availability of funding.


The United States is deeply committed to advancing gender equity and equality as a critical element of peace and security.  Relatedly, the security and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region depends on the meaningful integration of women security experts, particularly joint cooperation between the United States, Korea, and Japan.  In order to promote this vital cooperation, the U.S. Embassy in Seoul seeks proposals from organizations (preferably Korea-based or in collaboration with a Korea-based organization) to gather 5 female-identifying experts from both Korea and Japan (total of ten) to explore the importance of trilateral cooperation in achieving mutual prosperity and security in the region.  The selected grantee will coordinate closely with the U.S. embassies in Seoul and Tokyo to design and implement this two-way exchange program with the goal of encouraging discussion on shared security priorities and effective trilateral engagement.  The grantee will also facilitate the publication of any key outcomes following the program, targeting security and foreign policy experts in both countries.


Ten opinion leaders from Korea and Japan will participate in this year-long grant project, consisting of virtual topic-based discussions, exchange activities in Korea (Seoul and Pyeongtaek) and Japan (Tokyo and Okinawa), and the publication of advisory papers and/or articles detailing lessons learned from the program for secondary audiences.


This is a cooperative agreement. The selected grantee will work closely with U.S. Embassy Seoul to develop and manage the program schedule, identify participants, and design on-the-ground exchange activities.   The program participants are expected to gather virtually once a month to develop a forward-looking agenda for U.S.-ROK-Japan trilateral cooperation.  Program participants should represent women in security, including economic security, emerging technologies, and Indo-Pacific Strategy and foreign policy.   At the end of the program, participants should draft policy advisory papers, implement press interviews, publish columns on newspapers, and/or conduct public-outreach programs to share their findings.

Grantee Expectations 

Think tanks, research institutions, and academic associations are encouraged to apply.  This project will facilitate in-depth discussions between Korean and Japanese participants and site visits to organizations in both countries, including ministries of foreign affairs, local research institutes, and other relevant sites.  The grantee is expected to have close relations with stakeholders in Korea and Japan for effective communication and planning.


For more information, please refer to the NOFO document, and email us at SeoulPDGrants@state.gov for any questions.