Economic Affairs

The Economic Affairs Section includes the Environment, Science, Technology and Health (ESTH) unit and is staffed by nine American officers and six Korean staff. The Section is involved in the monitoring of economic, trade and investment trends in Korea. The team presents U.S. views on bilateral and multilateral economic issues to the Korean government and the public, and negotiates agreements to improve access for U.S. traders and investors. Some issues we are currently following include:

  • Financial and Structural Economic Reform
  • Korea’s Investment Climate
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Telecommunications Standards
  • Pharmaceuticals Distribution
  • Automobile Trade
  • Energy Development
  • Civil Aviation and Transportation
  • South Korea – North Korea Economic Cooperation

The Environment, Science, Technology and Health (ESTH) Unit, within the Economic Affairs Section, seeks to promote and expand science and technology cooperation between the United States and the Republic of Korea. The issues we are working on include:

  • Global Climate Change
  • Transboundary Pollution
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Health
  • Fisheries Conservation
  • Nano-Technology

Contact Information:
Phone: 02) 397-4400
Fax: 02) 722-1429