In partnership with the Brewers Association (BA), ATO Seoul presented the ‘Great American Craft Beer Showcase’ booth at the Korea International Beer Expo 2019.  A total of 36 American craft breweries exhibited in the booth, including 6 new-to-market breweries, offering an opportunity for the Korean craft beer trade and opinion leaders to experience the quality, value, and diversity of premium beer that the American craft beer industry has to offer.  The three days of exhibition saw over 2000 visitors to the booth.  Additionally, the ‘Great American Craft Beer Seminar’ that BA presented during the show provided 45 Korean beer industry professionals with up-to-date information about the American craft beer industry.  An evaluation survey right after the show indicated that the activity generated over 200 serious contacts with target Korean buyers and would bring $250,000 of new sales to the breweries that are already shipping to Korea within the next 12 months.  In addition, two of the new-to-market breweries reportedly identified Korean import distribution partners during the show, which is likely to generate $40,000 of initial sales in 2019.