Key Officers

Agricultural Affairs Office
Mark Dries, Minister-Counselor

Agricultural Trade Office 
Andrew Anderson

Community Liaison Office
Jan T. Von Schleh

Commercial Section
Gregory Briscoe, Minister-Counselor

Consular Section
Linda E. Daetwyler, Minister-Counselor

Department of Energy
Kerry Cheung, PhD

Department of Homeland Security – Customs and Border Protection 
Edward Bayron, CBP Attaché

Department of Homeland Security- U.S. Coast Guard
Raphael Sadowitz

Economic Section
Pushpinder Dhillon, Minister-Counselor

Facility Management
Onder Durmus

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Dae Hwan Chung, Legal Attaché

Financial Management Center
Li Gong

General Services Office
John Stremel

Health Unit
Sabrina Haas

Human Resources 
Gregory M. Von Schleh

Information Management
Ronald G. Lay

Joint U.S. Military Affairs Group-Korea 
Colonel David A. Gigliotti, Chief

Management Section
Scott D. McDonald, Minister-Counselor

Political Section
Lucy M. Chang, Minister-Counselor

Public Diplomacy 
Anneliese L. Reinemeyer, Minister-Counselor

Regional Security Office
David A. Walsh

Seoul Regional Diplomatic Courier Hub 
Lawrence C. Parker