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The Public Diplomacy Section of the U.S. Embassy in Seoul supports a variety of English Language Programs throughout the Republic of Korea.

Resources this office can provide include: materials for English language learning, teacher training, and professional development; workshops and seminars to enhance and upgrade English language teaching; American consultants to assist with the development of curricula, textbooks, and tests.

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U.S. Department of State English Language Programs

English Language Fellow Program
The English Language Fellows teach classes and conduct teacher training during ten-month assignments in academic institutions.

English Language Specialist Program
The English Language Specialists conduct short-term projects involving teacher training, curriculum development, and other high-level education initiatives.

English Access Microscholarship Program
English Access Microscholarship Program is a two-year global scholarship program that provides a foundation of English language skills to bright, talented students, primarily aged 13 to 20 through after-school classes and enhancement activities.

Online Professional English Network (OPEN) Program
The Online Professional English Network (OPEN) Program provides opportunities for professional development: 1)Global Online Courses (GOCs) for English language teachers, and 2)Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on a variety of topics for English language learners and other professionals.

American English Live Webinar Series
American English Webinars are live online training seminars for English teachers around the globe. These professional development sessions address methodological topics that foster interactive, student-centered language instruction.

Find Out More:  Online Resources

American English
American English is an online library with thousands of resources for English language students and teachers. Explore and download free books, audio books, songs, and games.

English Teaching Forum
English Teaching Forum is a quarterly journal for and by English teachers, supporting English teaching around the world through the exchange of innovative, practical ideas. Download and explore diverse articles based on current theory, lesson plans, and teaching techniques.

American English at State Facebook
You can find activities, mini-lessons, and infographics to help you learn English. Join our online community of over 3 million students worldwide to practice English and make new friends.

American English for Educators Facebook
This Facebook webpage provides global English language educators relevant TEFL/TESOL-related information, including professional development opportunities and practical classroom materials.

American English YouTube
You can watch hundreds of short videos that will help you to learn English. Find videos to learn idioms and grammar, pronunciation, and conversation practice videos, and useful tips for improving your English language skills.

22.33 – A Podcast of Exchange Stories
This audio podcast can serve as a tool to help English language learners develop their language and critical thinking through stories. From native speakers from the United States to foreigners from around the world, you will have access to the diverse sounds of global English.


E-mail: AmericanEnglishSeoul@state.gov