A Vogue way of Life

Conde Nast
Conde Nast

March 26, 1874
Conde Nast was Born

What do magazines like Vogue, House and Garden, and Vanity Fair say about our culture? Conde Nast, born in New York City on March 26, 1874, owned all these popular magazines. He acquired them between 1909 and 1914.

While other publishers simply focused on increasing the number of magazines in circulation, Nast targeted groups of readers by income level or common interest. Think of all the magazines today based on a common interest, focusing on everything from politics to skateboarding. Nast started that whole trend.

Nast called his magazines “class publications.” They explored trends in fashion, the arts, politics, and entertainment. How influential do you think magazines are in the way people think, act, and look? Even back in 1900, readers looked to Vogue for fashion possibilities, though few could afford to buy the clothes on display, and that is still true today. Next time you read a magazine, think about what it says about our world, what group the magazine is trying to reach, and if it influences you. Try this out on your family, too.