Perfection in Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping
Good Housekeeping

May 2, 1885
Good Housekeeping Magazine Debuts

Magazine racks may have looked a lot different in the early part of the 20th century than they do now, but Good Housekeeping was right there in front. Good Housekeeping magazine first appeared on May 2, 1885. As it does now, the magazine offered readers tips for running a home as well as stories and articles by expert writers and letters from readers. The goal of first editor Clark W. Bryan was to “produce and perpetuate perfection–or as near unto perfection as may be attained in the household.”

The magazine became extraordinarily popular. By 1911, 300,000 people read Good Housekeeping. When the Hearst Publishing Company bought the magazine in 1966, it had grown to 5.5 million readers. Today Good Housekeeping includes articles about home, food, fitness, beauty, health, and family. Have you ever heard of the Good Housekeeping Institute?

Opened in 1900, the Good Housekeeping Institute is still in operation today. It tests consumer goods and makes recommendations to readers. Why do you think it is important to test consumer goods?