North Carolina

North Carolina (Brand USA Photo)
North Carolina (Brand USA Photo)

The first European settlement in North Carolina is the famous Lost Colony of Roanoke Island that vanished sometime after 1587. North Carolina is the northern portion of the original 1629 land grant made by England’s King Charles I, which was named in his honor (Carolus is Latin for Charles). North Carolina joined the Union in 1789 and is the 12th of the original 13 states. Today, North Carolina is a growing research center and banking state. The capital of the “Tar Heel State” is Raleigh, and the dogwood blossom is the state flower.

Capital City: Raleigh
Nickname: Tar Heel State / Old North State
Motto: Esse Quam Videri (To Be Rather Than To Seem)
Statehood: November 21, 1789 (12th)
Origin of State’s Name: Taken from “Carolus,” the Latin word for Charles and named after England’s King Charles I.
Largest Cities: Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Durham
Border States: Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia
Land Area: 48,718 sq. mi., 29th largest
State Bird: Cardinal
State Flower: American Dogwood (cornus florida)
State Tree: Longleaf Pine (pinus palustris)
State Song: The Old North State