New York

New York (BrandUSA Photo)
New York (BrandUSA Photo)

The Dutch West India Company established the first settlement at Fort Orange near present day Albany in 1624 and another in New Amsterdam on the site of present day Manhanttan a year later. After the English took over in the 1660s, the colony was renamed New York, after the Duke of York. One of the original 13 states to join the Union (it entered in 1788), New York is known as the “Empire State.” The state includes everything from skyscrapers in Manhattan to rivers, mountains, and lakes in upstate New York. Today, New York has the third largest population (after California and Texas), and remains the financial center of the country. The state flower is the rose, and the capital is Albany.

Capital City: Albany
Nickname: Empire State / Excelsior State
Motto: Excelsior (Ever upward)
Statehood: July 26, 1788 (11th)
Origin of State’s Name: Named after England’s Duke of York.
Largest Cities: New York, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Syracuse
Border States: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont
Land Area: 47,224 sq.mi., 30th largest
State Bird: Bluebird
State Flower: Rose (rosa)
State Tree: Sugar Maple (acer saccharum)
State Song: I Love New York