One of the original 13 states, Connecticut is known as the “Constitution State.” It gets its name from an Algonquian word meaning “land on the long tidal river.” Hartford has been the capital of Connecticut since 1875 and the state flower is the mountain laurel.

Capital City: Hartford
Nickname: Constitution State / Provision State / Nutmeg State
Motto: Qui transtulit sustinet(He who transplanted still sustains)
Statehood: January 9, 1788 (5th)
Origin of State’s Name: Based on the Mohegan word, Quinnehtukqut, meaning “Long River Place” or “Beside the Long Tidal River”
Largest Cities: Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, Waterbury
Border States: Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island
Land Area: 4,845 sq. mi.; 48th largest
State Bird: Robin
State Flower: Mountain laurel (kalmia latifolia)
State Tree: White Oak (quercus alba)
State Song: Yankee Doodle