Economy & Trade

U.S. Government Approach on Business and Human Rights (English – PDF 3.0MB)

This document illustrates how the U.S. government approaches business and human rights, by providing examples of laws, regulations and policies relevant to the intersection between these issues, and what U.S. companies should know when it comes to respecting human rights throughout their global operations.

Benefits of Trade Costs of Protectionism (English – PDF 429KB) (Korean – PDF 1.3MB)

Removing trade barriers through World Trade Organization and other negotiations promises to lift millions of people around the world out of poverty. Maintaining protectionist practices hurts millions, especially in the developing world, by preventing sustained economic expansion. While developed countries need to drop their own protectionist practices, developing countries stand to gain the most benefits by …

Entrepreneurship and Small Business (English – PDF 1.6MB)

Government investment in small businesses benefits not only the businesses themselves but also our national economy and our society at large. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that its policies are helping—not hurting—enterprises, creating the conditions for small business to flourish, and encouraging citizens to give small business ownership a try.

Focus on : Intellectual Property Rights (English – PDF 2.8MB) (Korean Full Text)

Essays by government, academic, and industry experts introduce intellectual property rights issues and key concepts — patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and new forms of IP. Articles also explain why countries need effective intellectual property systems, and what governments in each region are doing to enforce IPR.

Outline of the U.S. Economy (English Full Text)

Examines how the U.S. economy works and how it has evolved over the past 225 years. Considers forms of business enterprise, the role of financial markets, how government shapes the economy and seeks to manage the pace of economic activity, the agricultural sector.

Roots of Innovation (English – PDF 2.9MB)

Economic expansion depends more and more on innovation — not simply producing more goods and services, but producing ever newer goods and services. This issue of eJournal USA seeks to show that innovation needs the right conditions to emerge.

The Global Financial System (English – PDF 1.1MB)

Experts describe the mechanics of the global financial system presenting their views concerning the cyclical nature of markets.

USA Economy in Brief (English – PDF 3.9MB) (Korean – PDF 1.1MB)

This mini-publication discusses the factors that make the U.S. economy the world’s most productive, competitive, and influential.

Venture Capital Meets Hi – Tech (English – PDF 818KB)

This eJournal explores the phenomenon that drives uncounted Americans — and now citizens of other nations — to create fledgling “start-up” businesses that explore and exploit the latest developments in high technology. It also investigates the closely related “venture capital” phenomenon. How investors match their funds to (hopefully) winning ideas is a big part of the start-up story.