e-Journal USA

e-Journal USA : Global Generation – The Model UN (English – PDF 10.1MB)

This issue of eJournal USA explores how young people all over the world are becoming model global citizens through participation in Model UN.

EJ | USA : Goal! Food, Fitness, Fandom (English – PDF 18.7MB)

Health encompasses more than eating well and working out. Everything from bikes to beauty can play a role.

Strategic Moves : Using Smart Sanctions in the 21st Century (English – PDF 16.9MB)

The U.S. uses sanctions to alter the behavior of bad actors and tries to minimize any harm to general populations. Learn how sanctions work.

Fourth of July – Everyone’s Invited (English – PDF 19.2MB)

In all 50 states, Americans, naturalized citizens, and tourists alike celebrate the 238th year of U.S. independence.

LGBT Rights in America Today (English – PDF 15.1MB)

Americans’ support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people is bringing new policies. How are people fighting for LGBT equality? What does it take for “coming out” to be an easy experience? Plus, one teacher makes a difference in a fifth-grade classroom in Chile. Asian-American designers break into the fashion industry.

Getting the Story out (English – PDF 10.8MB)

Explore college newsrooms where student journalists practice their Constitutional right to a free and unfettered press. This issue also offers news for movie buffs, from an update on soon-to-be-released Hollywood flicks, to a story about directors joining forces to preserve old movies, to tips on how to make your own film, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Power Plays – Celebrating Women’s Achievements (English – PDF 12.6MB)

An award-winning photojournalist, athletes working for women’s health and political up-and-comers who show just how much women can achieve in fields from which they were once excluded.

Race Forward : A New Generation Celebrates Black History (English – PDF 12.6MB)

America’s most diverse generation yet names its civil rights heroes. Look at one urban neighborhood’s rise, fall and revival. See how English is learned across America. Plus, real inventions you thought only superheroes had.

President – Speak, What the State of the Union Says to You (English – PDF 12.3MB)

Each year, in his State of the Union address, the president makes a case for his policies. The speech says a lot about democracy too.

Required Reading : An Insider’s Guide to Higher Ed (English – PDF 9.4MB)

Explore the latest programs at American universities, join an interfaith Thanksgiving celebration and meet entrepreneurs who are transforming trash into money.

The Corporate Conscience (English – PDF 14.2MB)

Younger consumers and employees demand it. Companies get it. Tackling social issues is part of the bottom line..


This issue of eJournal USA encourages women to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions. It cites the experiences of businesswomen around the world.

VOLUNTEERS. Answering the Call (English – PDF 10.5MB)

Community service in America is promulgated by presidents and practiced by students, firefighters and business leaders. Around the world, Peace Corps volu…

HIRED. The Summer Job Experience (English – PDF 9.1MB)

What do USA students and young adults in do in the summer? Many of them, international and American, look for ways to gain experience by working or volunt…

Destination America (English – PDF 11MB)

The relaunch of EJ|USA brings a fresh look and coverage of new topics to readers. This issue explores an America most people don’t find until their second, or even third, visits. Plus sections on Leisure, Communities, Peace & Security, Education, Arts, Science, Marketplace and a Last Word.

The U.S. Supreme Court : Equal Justice Under the Law (English – PDF 8.3MB)

This revision of “The U.S. Supreme Court: Equal Justice Under the Law” is a collection of essays that explains how the highest court in the United States functions. It has been updated to reflect the appointments of new justices and key officers, and recent, significant decisions of the court.

Pop Culture Versus Real America English Learning Edition (English – PDF 15.5MB)

This edition of Pop Culture Versus Real America is intended for the sixth- to seventh-grade-level students of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) or English as a Second Language (ESL). It was adapted from the original publication Pop Culture Versus Real America (2010).

Science : The New Frontier (English – PDF 11.7MB)

Scientific discovery is an intellectual adventure that benefits all of humanity. Learning about “something incredible” through science is one of the greatest things about being a scientist. And scientists appreciate that about their profession. As one says in this issue, science “provides an infinite source of challenging problems to fit every taste and passion, and it inspires us to work hard to understand our world.”

Entrepreneurs : The Next Generation (English – PDF 11.2MB)

Many young people around the world share the belief that becoming an entrepreneur is the most effective and exciting way to make their dreams and ideas a reality. As the founder of an organization of young entrepreneurs writes in this issue, it gives them freedom to transform their own lives and their communities and change the world for the better.

Youth Votes! The 2012 U.S. Election (English – PDF 10.1MB)

This issue of eJournal USA looks at how the Millennials — Americans born from the early 1980s to the mid-1990s — are changing the face of the U.S. electorate and politics. How are they different from previous generations? What is at stake for the Millennial Generation in the November 2012 election? Are they joining the two major U.S. political parties? And why do they support various candidates and causes?

Sports Strengthen Communities (English – PDF 3.4MB)

Having won the 1,600-meter race an hour earlier at a state meet in Columbus, Ohio, Meghan Vogel was falling behind in the 3,200-meter race.NF

Growing Up Green (English – PDF 2.7MB)

Youth are leading the way to a sustainable future by creating innovative solutions to global problems. Read about some of their amazing accomplishments and ambitious plans for the future in this issue of eJournal USA.

Making Their Mark : Black Women Leaders (English – PDF 1.4MB)

This issue of eJournal USA profiles African-American women of the 20th and 21st centuries who have made significant contributions to many spheres of American life.

The Spirit of Volunteerism (English – PDF 3.5MB)

Materials cover volunteer firefighters, health care workers serving in areas devastated by natural disasters, the “grandfathers” of Alexandria, Virginia, who mentor young boys growing up without fathers, and by volunteers who help refugees from distant lands build new lives in U.S. cities.

A Healthy Future (English – PDF 2.4MB)

Global health has improved, but the fight against diseases is not over.

e-Journal USA : Entrepreneurs : The Next Generation (English – PDF 2.0MB)

This issue of eJournal USA explores the world of entrepreneurship for young people.

Cultivating Civil Society 2.0 (English – PDF 2.2MB) 

“Cultivating Civil Society 2.0” explores the evolving intersection between civil society and technology and offers examples of how civil society organizations are exploiting technology’s potential to advance their work.

Climate Action Goes Local (English – PDF 1.6MB)

Learn how governments, businesses and communities in Central America, East Asia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the United States are partnering to leverage their resources to combat climate change.

e-Journal USA : Educating Women and Girls (English – PDF 1.6MB)

This issue of eJournal USA explores how international organizations, state governments, the private sector and individuals — in many different countries — are promoting education for women and girls and are improving people’s lives.

Peace Corps – 50 Years of Promoting Friendship (English – PDF 1.6MB) (Korean – PDF 16MB)

In this issue of eJournal USA, we mark the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps with narratives written by past volunteers and we glimpse the future of the Peace Corps in an essay by current Peace Corps Director Aaron S. Williams.

Ethical and Effective Policing (English – PDF 2.3MB)

This issue of eJournal USA examines the ways in which citizens and police strive to sustain the social contract

Becoming American : Beyond the Melting Pot (English – PDF 2.5MB)

The United States is often referred to as the “Great Melting Pot,” a metaphor that connotes the blending of many cultures, languages and religions to form a single national identity.

A Living Legacy : Preserving Intangible Culture (English – PDF 7.6MB)

Many actors in the United States celebrate and preserve the country’s diverse intangible cultural heritage.

Climate Change Partnerships (English – PDF 1.4MB)

Partnerships leverage the complementary skills and talents of diverse partners and likely will be among the required responses to global climate change.

Defining Internet Freedom (English – PDF 1.5MB)

Information has never been so free, but threats to the free flow of information on the internet are growing.

See You in the U.S.A. II (English – PDF 1.9MB)

Every year tens of millions of people visit the United States. They come to study, or for business, or for fun. But the best reason of all is to meet Americans.

21st-Century Agriculture (English – PDF 6.7MB)

Humanity’s longest struggle has been to feed itself. This eJournal USA explores how 21st-century technical prowess.

A World Free of Nuclear Weapons (English – PDF 2.0MB)

Since the first atomic bombs exploded in 1945, some have tried to rid the world of nuclear weapons. President Obama has embraced this goal with new vigor.

More Than Elections : How Democracies Transfer Power (English – PDF 3.7MB)

Democracy requires more than holding elections. Healthy democracies are defined by the expectations of citizens and the common rules, understandings, and trust they build. This eJournal USA explores the contours of civil society and political legitimacy within which peaceful transitions of power can occur.