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Alumni Information
January 21, 2016

Ambassador Congratulates New Era For the Korea-U.S. Vision Association (KUVA)

The U.S. Embassy’s Office of Alumni programs seeks to establish and promote enduring personal and professional ties between the people of the South Korea and the United States.

Alumni Programs

Korea-U.S. Vision Association (KUVA) was organized in April 2009 and it was registered as an NGO under the auspices of the ROK’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in May 2009.  KUVA is open to alumni of all USG-sponsored exchange programs.  KUVA, which is apolitical, has already arranged several thematic roundtable discussions and has worked with the Embassy as a co-sponsor or grantee organization for various alumni programs.  It is also able to provide networking opportunities and other professionally fulfilling activities.

Grant Support: South Korean alumni of Department of State exchange programs have been awarded several of the grants offered by the Bureau of Educational Cultural Affairs. U.S. Embassy Seoul has played a vital role in supporting these projects.

If you are an alumnus of a U.S. government exchange program, please register today at the International Exchange Alumni website. Joining the alumni association allows you to extend your exchange experience by networking with other alumni, developing your career, and staying in touch with the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the U.S. Embassy.