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Trilateral Leaders Summit
August 14, 2023

US-Republic of Korea-Japan Trilateral Summit


★ Statements ★

The Spirit of Camp David: Joint Statement of Japan, the Republic of Korea, and the United States
We, the leaders of Japan, the Republic of Korea (ROK), and the United States, convened at Camp David to inaugurate a new era of trilateral partnership. We do so at a time of unparalleled opportunity for our countries and our citizens, and at a hinge point of history, when geopolitical competition, the climate crisis, Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, and nuclear provocations test us. This is a moment that requires unity and coordinated action from true partners, and it is a moment we intend to meet, together. Japan, the Republic of Korea, and the United States are determined to align our collective efforts because we believe our trilateral partnership advances the security and prosperity of all our people, the region, and the world. In this spirit, Pre­sident Biden commended President Yoon and Prime Minister Kishida for their courageous leadership in transforming relations between Japan and the ROK. With the renewed bonds of friendship—and girded by the ironclad U.S.-Japan and U.S.-ROK alliances—each of our bilateral relationships is now stronger than ever. So too is our trilateral relationship.

Camp David Principles
We, Prime Minister Kishida Fumio, President Yoon Suk Yeol, and President Joseph R. Biden, Jr., affirm a shared vision for our partnership as well as for the Indo-Pacific and beyond. Our partnership is based on a bedrock of shared values, mutual respect, and a unified commitment to advance the prosperity of our three countries, the region, and the globe. As we move forward, we intend our partnership to be guided by these principles:

Commitment to Consult
We, the leaders of Japan, the Republic of Korea, and the United States, commit our governments to consult trilaterally with each other, in an expeditious manner, to coordinate our responses to regional challenges, provocations, and threats affecting our collective interests and security.  Through these consultations, we intend to share information, align our messaging, and coordinate response actions.

Statement from Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on the Upcoming Trilateral Leaders Summit of the United States, Japan, and the Republic of Korea
President Joe Biden will host Prime Minister Kishida Fumio of Japan and President Yoon Suk Yeol of the Republic of Korea for a trilateral leaders summit at Camp David on August 18, 2023. At the summit, the leaders will celebrate a new chapter in their trilateral relationship as they reaffirm their strong bonds of friendship and the ironclad alliances between the United States and Japan, and the United States and the Republic of Korea. The three leaders will discuss expanding trilateral cooperation across the Indo-Pacific and beyond – including to address the continued threat posed by the DPRK and to strengthen ties with ASEAN and the Pacific Islands. The summit will advance a shared trilateral vision for addressing global and regional security challenges, promoting a rules-based international order, and bolstering economic prosperity.

★ Fact Sheet, Remarks, and Readouts ★

FACT SHEET: The Trilateral Leaders’ Summit at Camp David
President Biden welcomed Japanese Prime Minister Kishida and Republic of Korea (ROK) President Yoon to a historic trilateral summit at Camp David, the first-ever stand-alone summit of Leaders from the United States, Japan, and the ROK, and the first summit of foreign leaders at Camp David during the Biden-Harris Administration. The Leaders jointly inaugurated a new era of trilateral partnership and reaffirmed that cooperation between the United States, Japan, and the ROK advances the security and prosperity of our people, the Indo-Pacific region, and the world.

Remarks by President Biden, President Yoon, and Prime Minister Kishida in Joint Press Conference
PRESIDENT BIDEN: America’s commitment to both countries is ironclad, and my personal commitment to bringing these three nations together was real from the very beginning.

Since last summer, we’ve met on the margins of the NATO Summit in Spain, the ASEAN Summit in Cambodia, and the G7 Summit in Japan.  And today, we’ve made history with the first-ever standalone summit between the leaders of our three countries, as well as our commitment to meet together on the leader level annually and to have all of our relative Cabinet-member people meet on a regular basis for — from this point on; not just this year, not next year — forever.  That’s the i- — that’s the intention.

Remarks by President Biden, President Yoon, and Prime Minister Kishida Before Trilateral Meeting
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  Well, welcome, everyone.  Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. President, it’s an honor to welcome you both here today to inaugurate the Camp David trilateral between our three nations — among our three nations. It’s not only the first summit I’ve hosted at Camp David, it’s the first-ever standalone summit between the leaders of Japan and Republic of Korea and the United States.

Readout of President Biden’s Meeting with President Yoon Suk Yeol of the Republic of Korea
President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. met with President Yoon Suk Yeol of the Republic of Korea (ROK) at Camp David today to discuss global and regional security issues and to advance bilateral security and economic cooperation.

Press Gaggle by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan
MS. JEAN-PIERRE: Good morning. Welcome to Camp David. We’re really excited to have you all here. As you all know, the National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, is here to give a preview of this historic day: the trilateral summit here at Camp David.

Secretary Antony J. Blinken at a Press Availability
On Friday, President Biden will host Japanese Prime Minister Kishida and South Korean President Yoon at Camp David to mark what we believe is a new era in trilateral cooperation among our countries. I just spoke this morning with my counterparts from Japan and Korea – Foreign Minister Hayashi, Foreign Minister Park – to continue to prepare for the summit meeting on Friday. And I want to take this moment before saying anything else to extend the deepest condolences of the United States to President Yoon on the passing of his father. He was by all accounts a remarkable scholar and – among other things – a strong proponent of relations between the ROK and Japan.

Secretary Blinken’s Call with Republic of Korea Foreign Minister Park
Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken spoke with Republic of Korea Foreign Minister Park Jin yesterday. The Secretary and the Foreign Minister welcomed the upcoming trilateral Leaders Summit at Camp David on August 18. The two noted the tremendous regional and global impact of 70 years of the U.S.-ROK Alliance and our deepening partnership on a wide range of pressing issues, including the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) dangerous and escalatory behavior, the maintenance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, and critical and emerging technologies.