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Statement by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on the Republic of Korea’s Indo-Pacific Strategy
December 27, 2022


The United States welcomes the Republic of Korea’s adoption of its new Indo-Pacific Strategy as a reflection of our shared commitment to the region’s security and growing prosperity. The strategy sets forth a comprehensive approach that demonstrates the commitment of President Yoon and the Korean people to upholding universal values such as the rule of law and human rights. The ROK’s goal to expand its cooperation with other allies and partners across the Indo-Pacific will strengthen our shared ability to advance international peace, security, and promote nuclear nonproliferation. The strategy will also enhance the region’s economic security networks, cooperation in science and technology, and engagement on climate change and energy security. We are grateful for President Yoon’s and the ROK’s leadership, and congratulate the people of the ROK on their new strategy, which will help the United States and our partners advance a free, peaceful, and prosperous Indo-Pacific.