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Message for U.S. Citizens: South Korea's Vaccination Registration Policy
December 9, 2021

Message for U.S. CitizensDecember 9, 2021

On Dec 9, 2021, the Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) announced that U.S. citizens and other non-Korean nationals who received their vaccinations overseas can now register their records at local health centers.  Registration will allow U.S. citizens (1) to receive booster shots in Korea when eligible and (2) to visit restaurants, cafes, gyms, and other multiuse facilities requiring proof of vaccination.

To register, please bring your U.S. passport or a Korean government-issued ID and proof of vaccination, such as the CDC vaccination card, to your local health center.  If you are a long-term visitor with a Residence Card (RC) and KDCA’s COOV app, you may update your vaccination record in the app and present digital proof of vaccination.  If you are a short-term visitor, you will receive a Confirmation of COVID-19 Vaccination document.

Please refer to the KDCA’s announcement for more information.