Senior Advisor James DeHart’s Remarks to the Press

Remarks to the Press
James P. DeHart
Senior Advisor for Security Negotiations and Agreements
Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
November 19, 2019

Good afternoon. First thing, I’d like to do is thank the Korean side for hosting us for this latest round of negotiations here in Seoul. We came to Seoul prepared to listen and with open minds, and even prepared to adjust our stance as needed in order to move towards a mutually acceptable agreement.

Unfortunately, the proposals that were put forward by the Korean negotiating team were not responsive to our request for fair and equitable burden sharing.

As a result, we cut short our participation in the talks today in order to give the Korean side some time to reconsider, and – I hope – to put forward new proposals that would enable both sides to work towards a mutually acceptable agreement in the spirit of our great alliance.

We look forward to resuming our negotiations when the Korean side is ready to work on the basis of partnership and on the basis of mutual trust.