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October 19, 2023


World of Concrete

 Korea Messe Tours and the Commercial Section of the U.S. Embassy are pleased to announce that the ‘World of Concrete 2024’ will be held from January 23 (Tuesday) to January 25 (Thursday), 2024, in Las Vegas.  Application deadline is November 30, 2023. 


U.S. Embassy in Seoul, Commercial Section
Nathan Huh, Senior Commercial Specialist


Travel Agency:
Korea Messe Tour
Sun Tae Kim


Korea Temporary Equipment Association∙Korea Construction Transport New Technology Association


WORLD OF CONCRETE 2024 is the world’s largest exhibition of concrete materials/components/production/shipping/distribution/delivery/construction, concrete equipment and tools, surface treatment, precast and blocks, bricks, repair and demolition technology, temporary materials, construction equipment, moldings, waterproofing, grouting agents, chemicals, reinforcements, repair materials, flooring, admixtures, mortar, cement, and ready-mixed concrete. This trade fair is specialized for the work truck, excavator, paving equipment, construction machinery, aggregates and stone industry. It is the perfect opportunity to learn about new items, innovative products, advanced technology and current trends in the global construction market. 


Dates: January 23, Tuesday – January 25, Thursday 2024 (3 days)
Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center
Website: http://www.worldofconcrete.com/ 
Exhibition Size: 
▣ Exhibition area: 700,000 sq feet
▣ Exhibitors: Over 1,500 companies
▣ Audience: Approximately 60,000 visitors 


Exhibit Items:

– Machinery: Construction machinery, trucks, ready-mix concrete, aggregate crushing technology and equipment, excavators, cranes, aerial work equipment, drills and cutting equipment, Concrete pouring/transportation/distribution/batching equipment, Repair/blasting/demolition equipment, Breakers, Krushers, Debris removal, Tools (surface preparation, cutting, grinding, polishing, sanding, trimming, saws, drills), Masonry technology and equipment, Modern and high-tech equipment for the concrete industry, Road paving machinery, Loaders, Excavators, Steel tools (cutters, benders), Pouring equipment, Screeds, Concrete mixers, Vibrators, Jet blasting equipment 

– Tools: temporary structures, scaffolding equipment and components, formwork, precast, prestressed technology/materials/materials, tile production equipment, slipform, block machine, molding machine, extruder, grouting machine, construction equipment and tools, cleaning equipment, weighing equipment, 

finishing equipment, heater and De-icing equipment, building foundation reinforcement, abrasive cutters and grinders, dust collectors, surveying equipment, shoring equipment, various saw blades, resin, Spraying equipment, Corrosion control equipment, Prefabricated buildings, Road pavers, Grinding machines, Safety equipment, Meters, Welding machines, Pumps, Pressing booms 

– Materials: Various types of concrete, commercial/residential/decorative concrete surface treatment and decoration technology, brick and block production technology, mortar, cement, admixtures, grouting materials, crack repair materials, defect repair materials, reinforcements, finishing materials, flooring materials, repair reinforcements, waterproofing materials and waterproofing equipment, epoxies, resins, joint sealing materials and technologies, penetrating water repellents, damp proofing agents, colorants, fiber reinforced plastic technologies, paints, feeding materials, road paving technologies and materials, various chemicals and technologies, surface treatments, coatings, compounds, insulation, sealing materials, curing materials, water repellents, paints, Cement paints, Synthetic paints, Coatings, Pumps, Carbon fiber reinforcement additives, Stripping agents, Concrete repair technology, Slab materials 


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