Secretary Pompeo Remarks With South Korean President Moon Jae-in

Blue House
Seoul, South Korea
October 7, 2018

PRESIDENT MOON: (Via interpreter) Well, first of all, I would like to say a big well done to you. It’s good to – it’s been a very important day for both – for everyone concerned, the United States and North Korea and the Republic of Korea, and I would like to thank you deeply for visiting Pyongyang in the morning and coming straight to Seoul afterwards to share the outcome of your trip. And I dearly hope that your latest visit, as well as the upcoming U.S.-North Korea summit, which I hope will be happening soon, will make an irreversible and decisive progress in terms of complete denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula as well as the peace process. And I saw the reports today that you had met Chairman Kim Jong-un, and I’m sure that the whole world is watching with close interest about the outcome of your meeting. Since we have the media present here, I would like to ask you to disclose anything that you can open to the public here.

SECRETARY POMPEO: First of all, thank you. Thank you for hosting me, President Moon. It’s great to be here. It was important that I come here tonight on my visit today. You all have been an incredibly important part of the success that we have all had to date, but what we all hope will be the denuclearization and the change in the relationship here on the peninsula. And then, two, I don’t have much to add. I will certainly tell you in private about our conversation, but we had a good, productive conversation. As President Trump has said, there are many steps along the way and we took one of those today; it was another step forward. So this is, I think, a good outcome for all. And then I also want to express President Trump’s personal appreciation for all the hard work that you and your team have put in for making us get to this point and the summits that you’ve held. I’m confident together we can achieve the outcome that the world so desperately needs. So thank you.