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Secretary Blinken and Japanese Foreign Minister Hayashi and ROK Foreign Minister Park Before Their Meeting
September 22, 2022

Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of State
Palace Hotel
New York, New York

SECRETARY BLINKEN: Well, good afternoon, everyone. Yogi, Jin, wonderful to be with you again, and wonderful to be with you in this trilateral format.

The United States, Japan, Korea – we have the most vital bilateral relationships, but we also have this trilateral partnership. And I think what we’ve seen over the years, including in recent months, is that when we are working together, we are even more effective. And we’re more effective not only in dealing with any regional security issues that are before us, but with a whole series of global issues that are front and center here at the United Nations this week.

So for the United States, this trilateral partnership matters. It makes a difference. And I think we can see that in the work that we’re doing together.

So I’m grateful for us to be able to pursue this work here today in New York, and welcome to both of you and to your teams. Thank you.