Secretary Michael R. Pompeo With Rick Everett of KQAM

Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of State
September 9, 2019


SECRETARY POMPEO:  So yes, the world will be gathered at the UN in the – goodness, it’s the third week of September.  Leaders from all around the world will come together.

I hope we can do a handful of things.  I hope we can continue to make progress on the denuclearization of North Korea.  I hope that we can convince the world that they need to join us in the efforts to ensure that Iran never has a nuclear weapon.

And I’m confident, too, there’ll be a great deal of discussion about China and the opportunities that there can be between the world and China, if China would simply engage in behaviors that are consistent with the trade rules that we have all across the rest of the world.  And I hope countries will all come together to recognize that if we get that right, if China will stop stealing intellectual property, if it’ll stop engaging in forced technology transfer from American companies, if they’ll allow Kansas farmers and Kansas manufacturers to sell our products inside of their country on a fair and reciprocal basis, that the world will grow.  And Americans will be better off, and our farmers, manufacturers, service providers right here in Kansas will benefit from that as well. [Full Text]