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August 24, 2022

Funding Opportunity Title: Digital Creators Exchange Program
Funding Opportunity Number: PD-SEOUL-FY22-04
Deadline for Applications: OOB September 23, 2022, GMT+9
Assistance Listing Number: 19.040
Total Amount Available: $200,000 



The U.S. Embassy Seoul / Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs of the U.S. Department of State announces an open competition for organizations to submit applications to carry out a program to implement a 15-day exchange program to the United States for up to 10 participants representing digital content creators, targeting youth audiences from the Republic of Korea (ROK). Please follow all instructions below. 

Program Objectives:  

Youth outreach is a priority for Embassy Seoul. We seek an exchange program that explores American values and cultural issues that shape the American identity and deepen ROK youth audiences’ understanding of the United States in the 21st century. Participants will explore American issues and themes that inspire (i.e. freedom, innovation, the American dream, and American culture), as well as issues that frustrate ROK youth (i.e. gun violence, racism – particularly hate crimes targeting Asians, social inequality, etc.) and other priority issues such as human rights, diversity and inclusion, and gender equality. This program should take place in 2023, and digital creators would travel to cities/states to explore different aspects of American culture and values.

Participants would meet with U.S. digital creators, civil society organizations, civic activists, social media companies/experts, journalists, community members and others using their voices to promote American values, address current social issues, and advocate for positive change.

The exchange program will consist of three parts:

  1. Consultation
    The selected organization will perform consultations with U.S. Embassy Seoul before and after the participants are selected to discuss the program, itinerary, and priorities for the trip. 
  2. 15-day Exchange program in the United States
    Ideally the timing of the exchange would be centered around a large digital content/marketing event/conference or symbolic event promoting American culture and values and include flexible programs to allow for both larger group and individual programming options for diverse creators with varying interests.  The program should also include time for participants to create content, including time to interview and collaborate with the various people they meet, as well as some level of cultural excursion opportunities in each city/state. The locations should be carefully chosen to be geographically and culturally diverse and reflective of the differing social experiences throughout the United States.  NOTE: Participants’ visa issuance process, COVID-related travel policy updates should be taken care by the recipient.  
  3. Follow-on sub-award opportunitiesThe program will include a sub-grant award opportunity, with which a winning participant can create follow-on content about something they learned or someone they connected with during the program.
    NOTE: For the recipient to monitor the sub-grant programs to see if they had their desired impact, its monitoring/evaluation plan should be included.    

Proposals should budget for two Korean-language interpreters to accompany the group during the 15-day program. One Embassy Seoul employee may also accompany the group to engage, liaise, and troubleshoot any challenges. The applicant organization should plan to include the Embassy staffer in making logistical arrangements, including any cultural activities or ground transport. However, funding for the Embassy staffer’s flights and hotels will be borne directly by the Embassy (i.e., not included in the award budget).

Participants and Audiences:
The participants of this exchange program will be comprised of 10 digital creators selected by the U.S. Embassy who are actively engaged in creating content for our target audience of Korean youth. 

For more information/questions, please refer to the NOFO document and email us at SeoulPDGrants@state.gov.