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July 5, 2022

Funding Opportunity Title: American Facilitators for ‘Let’s Talk Diplomacy’ (English Discussion Program) at various American Diplomacy House (ADH) Network locations
Funding Opportunity Number: PD-SEOUL-FY22-02 ROK NOFO-ADH  
Deadline for Applications: August 5, 2022, GMT+9
Assistance Listing Number: 19.441
Total Amount Available: $42,000

The U.S. Embassy Seoul / Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs of the U.S. Department of State announces an open competition for individuals to submit applications to plan and execute Let’s Talk Diplomacy (English discussion programs) as facilitators of the American Diplomacy House Network.

Location, American Diplomacy Network Name:

  • American Diplomacy House Busan (ADH Busan)  
  • American Diplomacy House Gwangju (ADH Gwangju)  
  • American Diplomacy House Pyeongtaek (ADH Pyeongtaek)  
  • American Diplomacy House Gangneung (ADH Gangneung)  
  • American Diplomacy House Jeju (ADH Jeju)  

The American Diplomacy House (ADH) Network serves as U.S. Embassy Seoul’s main platform for conducting public diplomacy programming. The ADH network provides niche programs for Korean students (aged 18-25 high school students and university students) who are interested in becoming future leaders. Currently, there are seven ADH centers in Seoul, Busan, Gwangju, Daegu, Pyeongtaek, Gangneung, and Jeju, and we are solicitating individuals for five centers as listed in the Priority Region section above.

“Let’s Talk Diplomacy” is an ADH grantee-led discussion program series that enables the Embassy to meaningfully communicate with program participants. Conducted in the English language, the “Let’s Talk Diplomacy” series aims to provide engaging opportunities for Korean students to discuss current global events and key Korean issues in international affairs with the aim to raise their awareness of their shared equities in these issues as members of the global community.   The goal of the program is to provide an opportunity for Korean youth to discuss the value of both Korean and American diplomatic efforts to support to advocate for and influence important global issues. “Let’s Talk Diplomacy” also places equal emphasis on exploring the evolution of the U.S.-ROK Alliance and how we can continue to optimize its benefits for both countries.

At the end of each session, participants should demonstrate improved diplomatic vocabulary skills, improved knowledge about U.S. and ROK government roles in influencing important global issues and an enhanced interest in their individual or country’s equities in the issues. The topic of each program session will be drawn from Public Diplomacy Section priorities as identified in the section-wide strategic planning process in coordination with ADH Seoul.  Five ADHN grantees (facilitators) will conduct 27 sessions each over one year (twice a month basis) at their assigned ADH center (Busan, Gwangju, Pyeongtaek, Gangneung, and Jeju). The expected program dates are January 2023 to December 2023. The grantees may also be asked to facilitate Embassy-led programs. The grantees will prepare thematic teaching materials; lead discussions with participants in English on current issues; help participants learn more about U.S.-ROK relations, ROK’s role as a global leader, U.S. policy, and society. Instructors are expected to lead an interactive discussion with participants and share ideas.

Specific goals include:

– To improve participants’ understanding of the value of American diplomacy and its role in supporting bilateral U.S.-ROK relations.
– To enhance participants to define their viewpoint on what it means to be a conscientious global citizenship (at the individual and country level)
– To improve participants’ English language and speaking proficiency skills.

*Program format may be flexible (virtual / in-person / hybrid program) depending on the COVID-19 situation in the Republic of Korea.

*Estimated Budget: Grand Total $42,000 (for five individual grantees to cover honorarium, program materials, and local travel expenses, etc.)

Participants and Audiences:  
18-25-year-old South Korean high school and university students interested in international relations and in becoming future leaders

NOTE: Participants will be solicited/selected by each ADH center in coordination with the Embassy and the grantees.   

For more information, please refer to the NOFO document in the bottom of this page and email us at AmericanCenterKorea@state.gov for any questions.