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A Message from the Secretary of State on Foreign Affairs Day
May 1, 2020

A Message from the Secretary of State on Foreign Affairs DayA Message from the Secretary of State:

1. Each year on Foreign Affairs Day, we reflect on the history of our Foreign Affairs corps — a cohort long familiar with fortitude in the face of adversity. This year’s greatest global challenge, confronting the COVID-19 pandemic, has demanded expertise from all around the world, from logistics and coordination to epidemiology and political tradecraft. Your work, along with that of our international counterparts, has once again demonstrated the critical role of a dedicated cadre of Foreign Affairs professionals. Today, on Foreign Affairs Day 2020, I want to extend my personal thanks and sincere gratitude for the tireless, mission-critical work you—and those who preceded you—undertake on behalf of the American people.

2. Our diplomats and foreign affairs employees have dedicated their careers to defending our national security and advancing American values and interests. The operation of our missions and our critical presence in the world is made possible by your diligence and sacrifice. You represent the best of America in all that you do.

3. As the 250 names on the American Foreign Service Association memorial plaque somberly remind us, some of our colleagues do not make it home. We also use Foreign Affairs Day to remember, recognize, and honor those whose names are etched into those marble walls.

4. Thank you, again, for all you do for our country. We remain One Team, with One Mission. I am proud of you and what you stand for.